Nothing Is Quick In The Desert

#NerveDjs Mack B @ItsMoneyMackB - Stake Out

#NerveDjs Mack B @ItsMoneyMackB - Stake Out

Posted: Mar 13 , 2017

Uploaded by: BigHeff

Description : Money Mack b born mack Boone in 1987. in Youngstown Ohio in a low income household Mack always had dreams that exceeded his surroundings. Developing a passion for music early on. inspired by his brother, Mack started writing raps at 11 years old. With the death of his parents at the age of 17 Mack begin to use music as a therapeutic outlet and a way to Express himself, the struggles he endured and the terrible things he seen going on around him. He began taking music more seriously in 2016 after
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