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Mykavelli @KooKiddVelli - Bounce Back

Mykavelli @KooKiddVelli - Bounce Back Mykavelli @KooKiddVelli - Bounce Back

Posted: Apr 15 , 2017

Uploaded by: BigHeff

Description : Born and raised St .Louis producer and recording artist Mykavelli is best known for his contributions to independent buzz records such as "Salute Me" by Tali Blanco and Tech N9ne, as well as by Truth (AKA Trouble) featuring Lil Wyte's "The Audition." Also getting his start into working with Alonzo "Zo" Lee (TrakStarz) His work was enough to garner him a meeting with the prestigious Def Jam Records and has allowed him the opportunity to showcase production for several major label artists. Current
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